Birth Certificate in Bangalore

I was recently blessed with a baby in Manipal Hospital Bangalore. It is now more than a month after home-coming and as a first time parents we are going through the highs and lows of nurturing a baby. It is not easy to manage the chaotic life immediately after the birth and hence now with some breather, I thought of going after the birth certificate from BBMP.
It was a real surprise that not much information is available online about getting a birth certificate, expect this post from Amit, that is more than five years old. The post was very useful (including some comments) but few things have changed and I wanted to share that information with everyone.
In the hospital you are going through so much of panic, stress, sometimes mental defeat that any formalities seem like a huge burden. Unfortunately I had no-one except my wife (who was obviously more stressed than me) during this crucial period. The first mistake that I made was to not provide the baby name for hospital certificate. We had all the time in the world during the pregnancy to decide on one name of boy and one name of girl. This would have been really useful later on as you will see. If the name of baby is not provided then in such a case the hospital will issue a birth certificate with “Baby of [Mother Name]”.
The second mistake that I made is not to visit the BBMP office within one month of birth. The hospital, based on the form submitted by you, forwards all the details of the birth to the BBMP office. The good part is that now-a-days all of this is online so in most cases the data reaches the BBMP office within couple of days. It is important to ensure that all details are correct in the hospital records and the certificate you receive from hospital.
When I received the birth certificate from Manipal Hospital (Ground floor behind the inquiry counter they have medical records office), I was given a map of the BBMP office in Kasturi Nagar. This was the same office which was earlier in Domlur and is now shifted to Kasturi Nagar. The map was pretty accurate and I reached the office at 11 AM. I had already downloaded the application for birth certificate form and filled the same. The interesting point to note is that this form has no option to provide the baby’s name. When I reached the Kasturi Nagar BBMP office, first floor (which was pretty small with just three desks) the person told me that I have to go to the Majestic office because it is more than a  month of the birth.
But instead of directly going to Majestic office, I asked few people and got to know that the BBMP office in Mayo Hall is good enough. When I reached the Mayo Hall office, the counters are on the ground floor itself. I could have got the certificate there itself, but for the fact that the hospital records did not had the baby name. So the person at Mayo Hall told me that they can give a birth certificate without the name of the baby. The name can be added later, but since I did not wanted to visit again, I decided to go to the Majestic BBMP office.
There are two BBMP offices in Majestic (near Upar-pet Police Station). The one adjacent shopping complex to the police station has the office that I finally reached. In the office at the ground floor, you can get the form (in case you did not download) and an additional form to enter the baby name in the birth certificate. I filled up both the forms and reached second floor and submitted the form. I paid Rs 140 and got a receipt for the payment. It will take a week for the certificate to be ready, which I need to go and collect from the ground floor. Some points to note:
  • As per the lady at the counter, you need to apply for minimum three copies and maximum five copies of the certificate. 
  • I did not had to go through any additional process (like going to court etc) even after one month. I think same applies for application within one year of birth.
  • One person in front of my queue faced the issue that his details were not available with BBMP, so may need to cross-check with hospital.
  • There is no need of going to a middle-man for birth certificate, since the process is simple, except the need to visit the BBMP office.
I was really impressed with the straightforward process of getting the birth certificate and the forms are also very simple. Interestingly, BBMP is in the process of enabling online application of birth certificate and issuing a digital certified copy to the applicant. Although it is not yet started but it is a great initiative. Another effective method is to allow the BangaloreOne centres to issue birth certificates.
You can read this document to know why birth certificate is required and important. The key points on why birth certificate is required are (from document):
    • A birth certificate is needed to obtain a passport, a marriage or a driver’s license. It may be required to open a bank account, to apply for and secure formal employment and to inherit property
    • A birth certificate may also be needed obtain family allowances, ration card, insurance, and a pension.
    • A birth certificate proving identity and age is the gateway to democratic participation in civil society, enabling a person not only to vote in electoral
      processes, but to contest for Public office.
    • A streamlined birth registration system, with a unique identifier for each child can pave the way for a sophisticated citizen’s multi-purpose identity card.
I will upload a sample copy once I receive the birth certificate for my daughter. Share your experiences in the comments!!

Update: I got the certificate.
Update2: As requested by anonymous comment, here is the map location of Upparpet Police Station
View Upparpet Police Station in a larger map


  1. Hi,

    Is it open on Saturday's too?


  2. Yes, it is open on Saturday. thanks for visiting my blog.

    1. Thanks Ketan.. because of your Blog , I saved my time and I got my baby's birth certificate within a week.

      Point to add here:

      1. You may find long queue for form submission on Jan,Feb,March (Saturday's) because of school admissions...

      Otherwise it's a very easy process.

      Thanks again Ketan for a great blog.

    2. Welcome buddy... good point about long queue

  3. Nice blog Ketan,
    Me too had a baby girl at Manipal. Will probably go on saturday to BBMP office in Majestic, as its already 3 months

    Discharge summary is sufficient right ? or need to get any other certifcate also from Manipal.


    1. Thanks for visiting my blog. In most cases you don't even require discharge summary since most details are already sent by the hospital. But take it along with you just in case.

  4. Hi Ketan,
    thanks tonnnnn for the blog.. I was scared to go to a govt office, thinking they would surely waste my 1st day saying I am not carrying enough document or any other silly reason..

    But I think with your exp, I can go prepared..
    few ques: (if u remember)
    1. In the form (online)Name of the applicant should be mine, right ?
    2. name of the person receiving certificate - need not to be filled, right ?
    3. purpose - can I leave it blank or NA ???
    4. date of birth should be of Baby (of course but it is mentioned along with mother's details) right ?
    5. point # 14 and 15 are confusing... if birth was in hospital, I don't have to fill place of birth -right ???
    6. what is date of registration and registration number - is it hospital number ???


    1. Yep it was a good experience...

      1. Yes, you are the applicant
      2. Yes, but if you have some other person coming to collect then put that name. Otherwise you can put your name. I had put my name.
      3. Purpose you can add "school admission, passport". I am not sure if you can put blank.
      4. Yes correct
      5. Place of birth is the place of hospital. Just fill that.
      6. No need to fill registration details etc. Hospital records are sent directly online...

      Hope this helps.

    2. Hi Kethan,
      very informative blog! Recently, i got my daughters birth certificate. In the certificate Point 5. above. Place of birth is mentioned as Hospital name only and not city.
      My doubt is whether it should be city name? Because in future, place of birth for example we write as "Bangalore, Karnataka" or some thing like this. whats your input to this?

    3. Thanks Bharath for visiting my blog.

      When you write hospital name, you can include city name as well. For e.g. "Manipal Hospital, Bangalore". But it has no bearing on the certificate that you receive.

      Note that the city/state name is already included in the "Birth Certificate" since you can only get the certificate from local authorities. Check out the sample certificate

      The top line mentions that this is from BBMP Bangalore Karnataka certificate.

    4. Anonymous8:36 PM

      Thanks for the info . It's very useful. I will get next month. Bcoz I have to finalise my baby name.:-D


  5. Nice post, appreciate you taking quality time and providing relevant info....would be useful for many new parents like us! :)

    Keep it up!


    1. Thank you Nag for visiting the blog

  6. Anonymous11:04 PM

    Thanks for giving in detail, really help me and saved lot of my time. I applied today waiting for getting it in 2 weeks.
    one small suggestion may be giving map link to BBMP office would help for people who is new to majestic.
    Appreciate and Thanks a lot again!!!

    1. thank you Anonymous. Updated with google map of Upparpet police station location.

  7. Anonymous12:33 PM

    Thanks for the details as there are not many in the net. My suggestion to, to be fathers would be to get the birth certificate within 30days of child's birth.
    The information about child's birth (birth record) reaches from the hospital to the nearest corporation office in 5-7days. Parent needs to go to the corporation office, give the child's name, pay the fees (Rs110/-) and get the certificate in just 15minutes.

  8. Thank you for visiting the blog.

  9. Hi Ketan
    I got most of the replies I was looking for before I visit the BBMP Upparpet Police station. Writing this in the afternoon and was wondering whether the office operates post lunch? Office timing for the application acceptance/certificate collection would have been great! /Guru

  10. Thank you Guru for visiting my blog.

    Yes I would expect the office operates post lunch also except on saturdays. These should be usual government office timings. Sorry I have not visited post-lunch though. Hope that helps.


  11. Anonymous7:42 PM

    Hi Ketan.......Thanks for providing clear and detail information. It is very much helpful.

    "2nd Saturday's is holiday for this office."

    Office works Post-Lunch also.


  12. Anonymous4:35 PM

    I missed just postponed to take thte birth Certificate until its was 1 year... no I have to pay more and wait lonager with terrible process

  13. information is good .. can you update more information... you can apply for birth certificate of any year ( almost from 2004..) .. all you should provide is hospital discharge sheet.. or a certificate .. my son born on 26/9/2009.. I applied on 3/10/2012 and received it on 11/10/2012.. no bribe.. no court procedure...

  14. my son born in Jayanagar general Hospital 15th march 1990,and 15th july 1991,pl guide me wer to get birth cerrtificate very urgernt for passport pl help me


  15. Hi Arul,

    Please visit the BBMP office for birth certificate.


  16. Hi,
    I find your post very informative and definitely time saving. Govt must refer to your link in their E-Governance webpage :)

    Is this the only BBMP office that has the authority to issue Birth certificates in Bangalore? I went to Jayanagar SHO but, they directed to JC road branch -I wonder where is that.

  17. Hi,
    Thanks for very informative post. This will definitely save time and frustation for plenty of people.
    Govt must refer to your post in their E-Governance webpage :)

    I would like to if BBMP office in Majestic is the only office in Bangalore that has the authority to issue Birth certificates. Recently, I went to J'nagar SHO but, they directed me to JC road branch.

    Now, I wonder where is that office? I visited the Corporation main office but, they redirected me to J'nagar SHO :(


  18. Hi Karthik,

    thanks for visiting my blog. The birth certificate is issued by BBMP as well govt hospitals and sub-health offices (SHO).

    get more details here:

  19. check out this for details about JC Road SHO

  20. Hi Guys, My daughter was born in Cloud 9 on Old Airport road. I had got the Birth certificate done through the hospital. I didn't know the process and also didn't have time to run around to get the certificate done. They charged me 300 rs for it. We had not named our daughter as it was yet to be finalized. I got the name updated today (26-12-2012) almost at 6 months. Below is the information I got from the BBMP office @ Kasturinagar.
    1)Charges for Birth Certificate - 110 Rs only (even if the name is being updated)
    2)The records are kept in the Sub-Registrars office for a period of 1 year (Jan 1st to Dec 31st), then the records are moved to the main office in Majestic (BBMP Upparpet)
    3)Fill in the form to update the name and pay the fees. Once the Birth Certificate is ready, a SMS is sent to your given mobile number so that you can collect it.

    My suggestion would be not to go through the hospital and visit the BBMP office of your area on weekdays (less rush) b/w 9:30 - 17:00 and have the certificate done before the 31st Dec of every year if the Majestic office is far for you.
    Hope this information is useful :)

  21. Samik6:29 PM

    Hi Prashant, thanks for your very informative blog, I landed here from Amit's old blog. I had my daughter on 28 Nov at Columbia Asia Yeshwanthpur hospital and submitted the form there. But forgot to go to BBMP till now :( Hospital had sent my form to BBMP Malleshwaram office. Since it is more than 30 days, would you recommend me to go to BBMP Majestic office directly? Also, as I have not given baby name at hospital, will it mean more hassle at the Majestic office?

  22. HiKetan,

    1.what are all the proofs required for applying
    2.Is there separate application form needed to fill the baby's name as the application for does not have requested baby name

  23. Hi Ketan, we need to submit any proofs while applying(like certificate from hospital) there separate form need to be filled for entering baby name as the birth certificate application form does not have it.

    M.A.Antony Rajesh

  24. Anonymous9:20 PM

    Hi Ketan,

    If we visit BBMP office in Kasturinagar within 21 days of birth and want to give Baby Name (Which was given as (Baby of Mother Name)at the time of birth at Hospital, What We need to do?
    Do we need to submit hard copy of form also which is available for download?

  25. There is nothing to be submitted at BBMP office except the birth certificate issued by hospital. all records are transferred online. you can fill the form in bbmp office also.

  26. yes there is a seperate form for changing baby name. pl visit bbmp office, they will give all forms

  27. Anonymous6:43 PM

    Hi Ketan

    could not find the sample certificate you mentioned in one of your comment
    "Check out the sample certificate"

    have you removed it ?

    Does the BirthCertificate is online printed on a green color sheet with Government of Karnataka and BBMP listed on it.


  28. Anonymous1:10 PM

    Very informative. My son is 9 months old now. I went to the majestic office directly and applied. it was really a simple process as you mentioned. they charged 140/- for 5 copies. They told me to come back after 9 days to collect the certificates. Many thanks again.

  29. Thanks for visiting the blog.

    You can find the form by searching in google or visiting BBMP website.

  30. Anonymous11:43 AM

    Cool .
    Ketan ,
    Thanks for adding the sample birth cert.

    The information was excellent.


  31. thanks saravanan

  32. Sailesh12:54 PM

    Hi Ketan,
    This information was very useful. I had the same problem as yours and this information really helped me to apply for my baby's birth certificate without running around too much. Thanks again and keep posting such useful information.

  33. Sharad5:48 PM

    Hello Everyone,

    First of all, Ketan, thanks for the post! It really helped me to apply for my daughters birth certificate at the BBMP office in Majestic.

    Because of all sorts of complications we did not have a name when she was born & we could not go and apply within 1 month.

    Thanks also to all the comments as it helped me know that

    Its open on saturdays.

    Its right next to the umerpet police station near majestic.

    I just need the form the hospital gave me. (I think even that is optional)

    It cost me 160rs for 5 copies

    Jan Feb & March if possible be avoided

    This post is as of 3rd May 2014.

  34. Ankit Gupta1:30 PM

    Thanks Ketan. I really appreciate that you have posted this useful info. Only a parent can understand the importance of this useful information.

    We were blessed with a daughter at Manipal Hospital, Old Airport Road in February, 2014. Hospital provided us a Birth Certificate itself. We hadn't decided the name then, so was scared in getting the name added after almost 3 months. So here is my experience.

    I went to the Kasturi Nagar centre, but the centre only to be told that it has shifted to Ulsoor Lake. It's next to BBMP Community Hall (Google maps is accurate in locating this :) ). I went there and filled a simple form paid a fee and got the name added. I got 2 copies of the Birth Certificate.(I know the fee was for 3 copies, but seemed their printer sucked, so didn't fight for that).

    Anyways, it's simple enough if you do it in less than an year. Beware of the office their, he tries to get more money over the fee of Rs 110 by showing the bills for printer maintenance.

  35. Anonymous1:08 PM

    Hi Ketan,

    Thanks for the information provided above.
    Please let me know if the required birth certificate is not for one or two years baby. If the required person is 25 or 30 years old, please let me know the process steps. This is required to apply for migration to another countries.
    Few more details. Birth place was in Bangalore, then in two months of time parents shifted to some other rural areas of Karnataka.

    Appreciable your reply.