Loan Calculator

If you have taken a loan and have been paying EMIs, then at some point, you definitely must have wondered about how much loan amount you have paid back (including principal amount and interest). Also sometimes we might want to know what is the percentage of principal and interest a particular EMI is paying back. This information is needed either just out of curiosity or sometimes for tax calculations. It is always difficult to get this information from banks (how much friendly the bank is) on a periodic basis.

I was in the similar situation regarding my education loan (from UBI) and wondering how can I quickly find it out myself. I just found an excel sheet on the internet (don't remember the original source, if you know please let me know), which can be quickly used to find the entire loan tenure EMIs. It is an extremely handy tool. You can download the excel sheet from here.

You just need to enter the "Loan Amount", "Interest Rate", "Loan Period" and "Starting Date"


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