How to buy apartment in Bangalore - II

Here are some of the terminologies which everyone wanting to own an apartment should be aware of:

  • Booking Amount : You see a project and if you like it, just to ensure that your claim gets higher priority you need to pay some money as booking amount to the builder (it runs typically in few thousands to lakh). You get some time to think over the option and to process the loan formalities. You can even cancel the booking getting back your money (minus some administrative charges which can be as high as 50%)
  • Deviation : Actual building usually does not fit exactly as per the plan set initially. There is some deviation from the approved plan, which is allowed. Checking whether the deviation is beyond that value is helpful. The deviation can be horizontal or vertical. Different rules apply to each. Usually a 5% deviation is allowed.
  • Registration : It is the process of getting the flat in your name after the construction. It is similar to registration of marriages or child birth. There is a good amount of money to be given to the government (and it differs across states).
  • VAT + Service Tax : Although there is a talk of service tax being waved for home buyers, but it has still not been effective. These are the government taxes to be paid.
  • Super Build Area : A builder usually not only charges you for the area you are going to live, but also charges for common areas like stairs or lifts. This area is charged for all flat buyers and is probably the single most earning point for the builder.
  • Carpet Area : This is the actual area which you can use for living. Usually 85-90% of super built up area is carpet area.
  • Built up Area : This is the area which is carpet area + area covered by walls etc.
  • Cost per square feet : The SFT cost is always about super-built up area. It is misleading in the sense that you are paying the same amount not only for the area you will be using all the time (built up area) but also of the common area (like lift) which you would use very frequently.
  • Floor Area Ration (FAR/FSI) : FSI is the ratio of total floor area of a building to the total plot area. This essentially implies out of total plot area, how much is used for construction. A smaller the value, implies large open areas.
  • BDA : Bangalore Development Authority, govt body that authorises the construction of buildings in Bangalore. Official WebSite
  • BMRDA : Bangalore Metropolitan Region Development Authority, this body approves plots beyond bangalore city limits. Official Website
  • Pre-Launch Offers : A builder puts advertisements even before he gets the BDA approval (assuming it will be approved either by legal or illegal means). This pre-launch offer is to attract the buyers early enough. The best buy is always during pre-launch offers.
  • Home Loan : Taking financial help from banks/financial institutions. Usually 85% of the total cost is approved for loan and the remaining 15% needs to be provided by the buyer. A trick used by builder to get you more than 85% loan is to show the bank a cost higher than what he sells you, so that you get 85% of higher projected value, ensuring you get more than 85% of the actual cost.

  • Pre-EMI : EMI is the monthly outgo against any loan that you take. In housing loans, there is a concept of pre-EMI, where the actual EMI starts only after possession, but the builder has already taken money from bank (on your behalf) for construction. Since banks have already given (disbursed) the money, they want a simple interest to be charged till the time you start actual EMI. This is called pre-EMI. It is just an interest payment and it does not reduce your outstanding loan. This is total waste of your money. Sometimes builders are willing to share the pre-EMI on your behalf.
  • Floating Interest Rate : The interest rate on the home loans. This is a compounded interest applied annually. It is called floating since the rate at any time depend on the prime lending rate (which in turn depends on so many economic parameters). So the interest rate can go up and down causing variation in the monthly installment to be paid to the bank. It is a huge blow during the rising interest rates. You can opt for fixed interest rate but they are usually higher than floating interest rates.
  • Pre-Closure : If you have surplus money, you can close the loan earlier than the stipulated tenure. But banks usually charge some penalty for pre-closure.
  • Approval Papers from builders : Parent deed, joint development deed, BDA approval, sanctioned plan, occupancy certificate, commencement certificate, registration of land, khata, tax paid receipts, clearance certificates from govt bodies like Electricity Board, Water and Sewage Board etc etc. These are typically the papers a builder should possess to avoid any legal hassels during the construction and to the buyers afterwards
  • Possession Date : The actual date when you become a proud owner of a house
  • Grace Period : A buffer of time after Possession date which accommodates any delay on either side.
  • Premiums : Some builders, or rather all of them, ask for a premium for corner units or upper floors. In other cities, lower level floors cost more than the higher ones but in Bangalore it’s the other way around. This premium rate is typically 20/- to 50/- per sqft per floor.


  1. Hi,Thank you very much for compiling these details. I'm Karthi and I'm almost ready to buy a flat in Bangalore. I dont know anybody in Bangalore and also the details what I should look for. I'm also kind of person who will be little shy for asking those things to others. In this situation, your writting helped me.
    Thank you !

  2. Thanks Karthi for your comments. Yes buying a flat is such a big decision and there is so much mis-information around that its difficult to take a good decision. Please do share your experiences of buying the flat.

  3. Anonymous10:57 PM

    Keep up the good work of providing useful information... .. THanks !!

  4. Sugandh2:08 PM

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  5. Anonymous1:56 PM

    I think the calculation seems to be cheaper than what I heard from other builders. some builders they include the education cess also into it and add 2% extra of your service tax. Which is not correct. In this case, to my knowledge your builder is charging correctly.

  6. Anonymous2:19 PM

    This source answers many questions.


  7. Anonymous3:07 PM

    I want to buy a 2bhk flat. I went to a builder(not mentioning the name), they are quite popular in the industry.this is a budget flat.but they are using only 70% of the super built up area as carpet area. is it worth to buy. for a 2bhk they are quoting 35lakhs and the flat is not a vaastu complaint one. i don't have an idea about this.can you pls guide me.

  8. Buying a property in a new and vast city like Bangalore is too difficult. I recently moved to this city and searching for a 2BHK luxury apartment in Bangalore preferably near to Marthali from past 10 months and could find one. Tried getting in touch with brokers also but didn't help that too. After reading this post got to know the points which I missed.