Investment Books

I just came across the SeekingAlpha's Must-Read Investment Books, by David Jackson. The recommendations include a huge (its really huge) number of books ranging from the topics like "Money Manager's Experiences" to "Value Investing" to "Long-term investment strategies" to "Technical Analysis" (close to 45 books).

Does it really helps to read books and invest? I personally think no book can provide you the "real" experience of investing until you burn your fingers in the market. Then I found Rohit providing some insight into the book "You can be a stock market genius, by Joel Greenbaltt". He also recommends some other books.

Reading such books can provide you with some understanding of the markets and its past history, but no book can be tailor made to specific type of investors. This is because the investment goals are entirely different for different people and so is the risk-taking ability.

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