How to identify copy paste from your blog

Prem is doing a good job of identifying the best indian financial blogger and I was thinking about his post about why he is rejecting some blogs while nominating. He mentioned about some blog being copy-pasted blogs. I usually dont have much objection if someone copying from my blog (even if they dont quote the original source), but some people object strongly. If you are one of them and want to find who copy-pasted from your blog, then check out CopyScape. A good way to find who copied from your blog (or from where you copied the post!!). A copy paste is good if you can add some additional info or value to it.


  1. Ketan:
    Thanks for that post. Copy and paste plagarism is a serious problem and I have been a victim of that myself on my technology blogs. So this tool atleast gives me the technology tool to identify the problem but once that is done, what is the next step? I am not sure...

  2. Once you identify who is copying from your blog, you can email that person and try to talk to the blogger. I dont think you can do much legally here (not sure of any IT rules) but if the blogger doesnt give much heed to your warnings then you can publicly critisize the blogger. Any serious blogger would take such criticism to heart and stop doing that. Othewise I dont think much can be done....[There are ways you can install scripts to disable Ctrl-C-Ctrl-V.. I guess so].. you can raise awareness of such copy-paster in blogging community. A wicked way is to try to crack his blogger password and delete the blog ;-) or to spamm his blog to death... :-) [just kidding]... Seriously even I dont know how to defent yourself fully against such plagiarism.