Cardless Cash Withdrawl

Many banks (recently ICICI) have started providing facility to do "card-less cash withdrawal" from ATMs. The idea is similar to fund transfer, except that instead of recipient's account number, you provide his/her mobile number. The bank will generate unique sender code and SMS the receiver code to recipient's mobile number. You call up the recipient and tell your sender code along with amount to withdraw. The recipient can use these codes to withdraw money from ATMs without any ATM card. 

The idea is good, but currently there are several issues

1) Not every ATM of the bank will allow card-less cash withdrawal. It seems banks need to upgrade ATM software to allow this facility. 
2) Inter-bank ATM withdrawal is not available. So you need to withdraw from the same bank ATM. 
3) Every transaction (successful or failed) will cost the sender a fee (Rs 25 for now)
4) There is a upper limit on the amount that can be transferred
5) It requires sender to register for both internet banking and mobile banking
6) Sender needs to register the recipient. I thought a simple mobile number entry should have been good enough.

This is not really a new thing world-wide. Several banks in other countries have some or the other variation of card-less cash withdrawal facility. 

What I would like to see is allowing a limitless self-withdrawal facility with just my mobile phone. Something like this

A card-less self-withdrawal will be really cool and highly useful, since then there is really no need for ATM card ever. 

A better option would be to use bio-metric identification, like this

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