Good Stock Market Blog

Most of the blogs that I have seen, usually provide "buy" or "sell" recommendations. I have never came across a blog which tells a new investor (esp India centric) on how to start investing in stocks.
I just found a good blog. It has an interesting post "Secrets of Successful Investors". Pretty handy.


  1. There are so many blogs these days. I think you have to just spend some quality time perusing many of them. This way, you get a mix of information. I resently started my journey into the stock market. I am finding it very interesting. With the web it's like information overload. Nevertheless, you are welcome to join me on my journey at:

  2. Thank you for recommending my blog. I am trying my best to help new investors. I am against day trading. I can't understand why investors try their best to lose their money in these speculative activities.